Who we are?

MxF.S.A. is a dedicated association whose desire is to represent, highlight and promote all of the creative elements that drive motocross freestyle street riders and those who have a deep connection with the dirt bike culture and experience.

Dirt bike riders of today have increasingly sophisticated style, extraordinary technique and a plethora of bike detailing with a more specialized range of bikes to choose from as they freestyle their way into motocross history – all from influences of classic bike riders of the past. This 35+ year-old subculture is finally receiving the well-earned recognition that its artistry deserves.

The goal of MxF.S.A. is to excite this growing industry by working with the best sponsors, athletes, designers and a variety of others in multiple arenas.  MxF.S.A. intends to make enough profit to generate a fair return for its investors and to finance continued growth and development across multiple platforms. The internal organizational structure is comprised of extremely talented individuals whose expertise and skill sets are unparalleled and unmatched. MxF.S.A. respects diversity, new ideas and hard work. Its members’ professional demeanor and understanding of the “unwritten rules” are driven by their pure passion for this culture.

With an unequivocal certainty, MxF.S.A. is the 1st and only association that will stylishly celebrate its members’ love and passion for this strong subculture within the dirt bike community, while being genuine trailblazers as they tread through uncharted territories.